Wednesday, October 13, 2010

if i lose my head, how many eyes will it take to find it?


RW said...

No, one nose.

Lazarus Lupin said...

My head has no i's
but blind has an i
all I knows
is there is no i in help
but it would be there anyway

lazarus lupin
The antimatter of taste

anne artist said...

so spelling can be an artful experience, it seems.

if i had that proverbial eye in the back of my head, i wonder if i could use it to see how to spell "help" in a language i had not heard before.

anne artist said...

i have been thinking about this question.

if my head is lost, would my own eyes not be lost with it?

within me is an inner eye, yet, if i see what that eye, how could i lose my head?

The militant working boy said...

A body is nothing without a head, but does a head need a body? Would it want to go back?

Ernesto y Felisa said...

Your eyes are lost with your head, if you find one eye, soon you'll find the head. I think it's enough you find one eye.

anne artist said...

so,......just one often do i miss what i see because i look for a huge image? a small part can lead me to the gestalt.....the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

and mwb, you raise a new question........would the head want to go back? why would it?

Sally Ang said...

What is the head for if there is no body .....if there is no "i" in help ....then could it mean that i wouldn't be able to find my head again since there is no "i"....if i lose my head, how many eyes will it take to find it?? No number of eyes could find it ....because eyes is attached to your head....unless there is another pair of eyes in your heart :)...then you may locate your head :)

anne artist said...

yes, s.a., that is a good question.....what is the head for?