Sunday, May 18, 2008

if i take a small step, do i begin a journey?


Anonymous said...

Because you are moving away from where you are?

anne artist said...

there's that. also, sometimes we do nothing because the enormity of the situation seems overwhelming. comments on this blog have spoken to this. however, i am beginning to hear more about the small things we can each do that can make a difference. you for one, have spoken of this.

and as we take out small steps, is it not inescapable that we move away from where we are?

Anonymous said...

A small step is not the start of the process.

anne artist said...

what is the start of the process?

organiparadox said...

each step is a journey in itself,
worth taking
take it

anne artist said...

i have been noticing that more media attention is being directed toward what seem to be small steps. but steps, if taken, that could make a big difference environmentally, etc.

together, we become an agent of change. i find this energizing. the what i can i do? kind of mindset is being given an opportunity to walk away from passivity and into the realization that each of us can make a positive difference. by unplugging the tv, or using different light bulbs, doing without fast food one day a week, and so on.

i wonder if people feel like they can make a difference...won't they become the difference they are creating?