Tuesday, May 20, 2008

am i all there is?


organiparadox said...

when you were a kid, did you ever go with your mother while she tried on new clothes at the department store? did you ever stay in the fitting room while she went for more clothes? did you close the door partway and look into the mirror that reflected the mirror on the wall? did you hold the door just so-so so that your reflection reflected your reflection reflected your reflection reflected your reflection ad infinitum until you disappeared into the reflection? is this a questionable answer? if only one of those reflected reflections disappeared...i mean, is it possible that one disappear without ALL of them disappearing???????????????????????
could the world exist without anne artist? without organiparadox? without mike mechanic? without george bush? without osama B. laden? without homeless hanna? etc.
is this a question or an answer?

anne artist said...

or is it a question and an answer?