Wednesday, May 7, 2008

how does our garden grow?

burning the fields after harvest in mexico and central america sends clouds of ash all the way to the southern part of the united states. 

breathing it in, a mother, out for a walk, pushes her infant's baby carriage.

how will they harvest the ash?

what is the u.s. doing to help other countries harvest in earth-friendly ways?

is there such a thing as a human garden and if so, how can we tend it organically?


organiparadox said...

re: human/organically tended gardens

1)-fill up a bag with suffering (preferably your own)

2)-take it home and plant it in your heart

3)-water it with your tears

4)-patiently wait for the seed of compassion to sprout

5)-when this vine has borne fruit, ferment it with your will

6)-drink a cup of this fermented wine

You will experience a longing that cannot be filled, and Waa-Laa, there is your answer

you will be naked, and not ashamed.

almost tragic said...

this is all so sad, the mother and baby crying in the smoke. how does this come to be? it is much to unpleasant a reality for me to spend much time with. i can either trick myself into ignoring it somehow or try and improve things. i am unsure how to do either.
do i find a starbucks and stay the rest of my life?
do i wander into some bleak urban setting and teach them how to plant crops (or have them teach me)?
do i retreat and raise my consciousness and hope my aura of truth and goodness will be infectious?
questions i ask myself all day everyday.
i am asking for some direction here folks.
if you would be so kind.......

anne artist said...

how to see suffering and not turn away. how to see beauty that might appear to be obscured. how to trust the smallest step and value it.

how not to fear the longing but dance with it.