Sunday, May 15, 2011

if i ask if good fortune comes at a price, will you ask me if it is on sale?


Bleeding Healer said...

Hello Anne, I am extremely sorry for staying away from the blog world. Now I am back, there was a lot of upheavals in life. I hope you are doing great, I love the colors that you have added in your recent sketches. :)

what if I ask about bad fortune, does it come with a price? Or is it freely bestowed on people, and would people still take bad fortune because it has no price?

I have missed reading your blog, take care.
Much love

anne artist said...

bh, i have missed you! and have thought of you often. i hope your world will move along more smoothly now. although, it seems that if you go off to college that will be a new upheaval. yet, you and i will be in the same country then!

do you think that people would choose bad fortune if the possibility of good fortune involved an unknown or unfamiliar experience?

Sally Ang said...

Guess both good fortunes and bad fortunes come with a price ....sometimes how much the price is the perspectives we gave to these fortunes if is a sale, do i pay more for more good fortunes or is there a discount for certain fortunes in the making ???