Sunday, April 24, 2011

if i were the only tree standing in the desert, would i think i was a forest?


Raji said...

You have to sustain yourself in the desert first, only tree! Would you have time to think such thoughts?

anne artist said...

might there not be a moment...before the sun rises bringing heat to the day.........that the tree might look at the grains of sand making up the desert........and wonder.......does one tree make a forest?

Sally Ang said...

One tree would only make a forest, after it's seeds dispersed into the area...then again as a tree in the you think you will survive that long to produce, fruits ...thus seeds ?? I think the one who plant you there must be cruel ...or should i say how did you grow up in that tough environment??...Anyway, i dun think trees can make it in desert ...perhaps maybe of these days :)

anne artist said...

s.a., you have raised an interesting question. what is a forest?

if seeds from my tree lie dormant under the desert sands...waiting for the rare rain event in order to come to life..........does the potential for other trees make this a forest?

if the tree does not have enough help from the environment in order to produce seed pods, then is it still potentially a forest?

to be a lone tree in the desert is quite an experience. yet, if the tree contains the forest within it, must the forest be seen in the outside world of the forest?

Bleeding Healer said...

If I was the only tree standing in the desert I would believe I was the forest, as life would exist within me and around me. The little birds, insects and animals that would perch upon me or sit around me, would create my forest, my homes, my biome.

anne artist said...

bh, if i were the only tree in the desert, and i wanted to know what it would be like to be part of a forest, then, as you say, i would have to find the forest within me.

and any other beings who came my way in the desert, could add to the expansiveness of my point of view........if i chose to see it that way.

would the birds see me as i see a forest?