Wednesday, October 15, 2008

if life is a piece of cake, does that mean i don't have to eat brussels sprouts?


organiparadox said...

That would make Mrs. B Crocker, of Anytown, USA, very unhappy, although Mr. G. Bush of Texas might think it was a great idea

anne artist said...

since george is also from maine, he is sort of a hybrid texan. but yes, maybe he would disagree with betty about the brussels sprouts, thinking they are not that great on the grill and who knows what the smoker would do for them. all those little leaves might just fall off, helter skelter. and that just could complicate things out on the ranch.

or maybe, is this a red/blue issue? if betty writes cookbooks for the middle class, the every woman/every man who wishes to cook, is she really a democrat, although her cookbook has a red cover? would that be a political paradox of sorts....?