Sunday, December 2, 2012

if a book is edited, will the original have less meaning?


Sally Ang said...

Do you mean less meaning...and not lost it's meaning ???...then we need to know the editor's way of focus, for that what is the author doing ??

anne artist said...

so the question is what do i mean when i talk about meaning?

if the author changes her mind and edits her book, is the original less valid?

Sally Ang said... meaning is very important is it but is very subjective, thus,... when the author changes her mind and edits her book...does it also means...that her intentional meaning at first, had been changed and not the original less valid ...but the original gets into another direction ???

anne artist said... what is written still valid even if the writer has changed her mind?

might i consider it to have meaning, even if the author does not? and if so, what does that mean?!