Wednesday, July 6, 2011

on a sunny day, am i the cloudless sky?


Sally Ang said...

Would i be the only cloud, that is left in the sky ?? Would i be able to shade all, being the only cloud, from the sun??

anne artist said...

i doubt that you could shade all.

but you could change shapes........and even become fog on the ground.

if i were a cloudless sky, i could be expansive..........abstract, perhaps. the blue could seem so close up but yet, it would be so far away.

Sally Ang said...

haha...fog on the ground ...then cars must have headlights...becos the fog will blind the roads ahead being abstract ...but i dun think so is like so pure and pretty never "pretend" not to be there ...becos is always there ...but is also powerful ...being able to control ....sending rain,snow etc...onto the earth :) should feel good to be the sky ...but with the clouds to "partner" will feel even nicer ...but perhaps without the clouds is being the pure and pretty blue... standing up :)

Raji said...

it depends on the climatic condition of your heart

anne artist said...

r, i do love your comment..........thanks.

s.a., and your words take me to an interesting place..........that of the sky being abstract yet always there.

when i look at the sky, i don't think of distance. i think of it being near me. the blue a kind of ceiling. yet, it is empty space. i translate abstraction into something i can define. yet, the vastness of it just might be incomprehensible to me.

i can feel the sun's heat. although once again, the distance between us is beyond my ability to comprehend.

so, on a sunny day, if i am like the sky, am i also aware of my own abstract, incomprehensible self?