Sunday, June 5, 2011

if i were a guitar, would i feel controlled by the strings?


Sally Ang said...

If i were a guitar, i feel controlled by the strings but is only because i am controlled by the strings, i will be who i am ...the guitar that produces music,that smoothes the feelings of people....a question, would the guitar feels liberated by the strings ...since it helps the guitar to fulfill it's usefulness...then if a guitar lost it's strings, what would it be ?? Is it still a guitar ??

Raji said...

We are controlled by the limitations of our parts, but feel them only at times. May be , may be not..

anne artist said...

i like that, r. "we are controlled by the limitations of our parts."

there are times when are one with our parts, with our strings, and other times not. as you say.

and s.a., i like your question, is it still a guitar if it has lost its strings?

guitar strings wear out. and restringing can take time. there is the wear and tear. the newness. yet, if i tap on the guitar, another sound springs forth. the guitar as drum, perhaps.

is a guitar a guitar only if music comes of it? it is a guitar simply because of it shape, its design?

what impact does what i write or speak have on me? does it control me in any way? am i a guitar that is sometimes a drum? a guitar that has lost its strings and so perhaps not seen as a guitar by others?

Sally Ang said...

In the first place,guess it's shape and design gives us the idea that it is a guitar, if, it is used as a drum, should it take the shape of a drum ??...what you wrote ...may influence how you think and act...perhaps being a drum sometimes and a guitar without strings frees us up to be the original design and shape intended for it, by the one who create you.

anne artist said...

to be freed to move beyond the expected shape. beyond labels.

if wonder if that works with something like dusting........if i call it "dancing" would it change the experience?