Wednesday, December 30, 2009

if i were tomorrow, how would i feel about today?


anynone knowbody said...

If everything is a shell of it's purpose, then we must be hermit crabs and our purpose must change as we grow into new shells....

But, "if it is simply a game", then we must be living in a too small plastic terrarium running circles over the same ground and fake treasure. If that is the case, are we waiting for our purpose to be redefined in a divine placement shell? I don't think so. "Fate (is) a human matter, which must be settled among men."

In the game we get what we find, and we find everything, the players, the embedded pieces and even the shells. We are the entire game, regardless of its futility or functionality.

We should be dreadfully certain that we cannot tilt or cheat at any game we are actually embedded in. The only way to cheat is to stop playing. And the only way to stop playing is to die. We don't know what we have. So, all we have left to do is "contemplate that series of unrelated actions which becomes fate, created by us, combined under our memory's eye and soon sealed by our death."

anne artist said...

are we not hermit crabs moving slowly along a beach made up of the shells of crabs no longer fitting into them?

if we push too hard, are we not in danger of tilting the terrarium, disrupting the sandy beach and staring at the smiling face Fate was last wearing before it was replaced by a new game whose rules had not yet been written?

anynone knowbody said...

In terms of reality, there is no fate, only game and a cage we can never make sense of. And the idea of tilting and game changing is actually us getting used to a new shell, it's not any different it just feels different.

But we're all still here, looking for the edge of the terrarium in hopes that a boundary will give us a semblance of... i don't know, something.

We are all hermit crabs. And as we grow in tide pools, all we grow out of only seems quaint because we are surrounded by everything, so much larger and more intricate than we can imagine. Choose the ocean or the shore.

You are right, Fate is a game. But I hope the rules are never written, words are horrible and horribly vague.

anne artist said...

s, it almost seems like anything i would say in response would be less than what is expressed in your comment. the images so huge.......

"a cage we never make sense of"

"looking for the edge of the terrarium in hopes that a boundary will give us a semblance of... i don't know, something."

" we are surrounded by everything"

i can see that an entire book could be written about these images.....and yet, as you say, it would be just so many more words. more of the game that if i name it, label it, describe it, i am the alpha dog. it is mine.

i am simply part of the everything.