Monday, January 19, 2009

is the end of the road the beginning of a new way to travel?


anynone knowbody said...

The door can be opened or shut, that's the best part. And you can be on a boat, in a car, or just moving, in someway as long as you're moving the way that feels right. Our locomotion is irrelevant and the destination is not nearly as important as that "right" feeling we search for. Columbus wanted the spice trade not a bigger world.

But the road never ends, it just changes. It was once just a ridge along a hill, then it became a trail to water, and from there we used the currents to take us to the discovery of concrete and steel.

It's the same with people, they are either our vehicles or our transport, "it's just the way it changes, like the shoreline and the sea". And the roads begin and end as often as our vehicles of travel change.

anne artist said...

"roads begin and end as often as our vehicles of travel change."

this is huge.....

and if i am my own vehicle, as i change, then the road will end as well as begin.

for me in my life i search for spice traders. i actually use that term.

anynone knowbody said...

you are on an excellent search, if you fare better than columbus, you're meals will be delicious, if you fail like he did, imagine what you can discover.

anne artist said...

i like this.

i knit and usually, it is the mistake that takes the piece to another level.

the thing about spice traders......they bring me stories.