Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sometimes, must i close my eyes in order to see?


marshgrass said...

the best way to watch the world is to block it out

Syrcause Pike said...

It does for me.. I have to close my eyes (at times) in order to see....

Kiri said...

There are certainly some things that you cannot see with you eyes, but with your common sense :D

Isabel Beirer said...

Dear Anne,

thank God (who is that anyway), I decided to browse blogs today. I found you.

I think a lot about looking at the world, and trying to control how we look at the world.

what I mean by that is, trying to control my brain and eyes to look at the world and look through it, almost like poking a hole into something that has no matter as such and is impossibly reasonable.

....does this make sense?


isa x

anne artist said...

makes sense to me......and i am glad you have found this blog.

i love your words...."like poking a hole into something that has no matter."

Ana María Díaz said...

Si very nice, is like meditation, siting in calm.