Tuesday, June 17, 2008

when i am asleep, do my eyes adjust to the darkness?


Sara said...

Sometimes, adjust is a word that defines something that gets a form to replace its capacity of FIT in something else. And other times it can define something else.
I do not know why I just said that, the first thought I got.

Anyway, I want to ask if would not also be aceptable to say "When I'm asleep, does darkness adjust to the light of my eyes?"

I wanted to know if you had some draw and a crazy question in the date of my birthday.

anne artist said...

when is your birthday?

i like that......"does darkness adjust to the light of my eyes?" i wonder if it does.

and i really like....."its capacity of FIT"

Sara said...

I haven't seen this...Jun 17th.

Now I remember the FIT joke but not the meaning.

...impossible to just don't come back to your blog, I must say I love it.

anne artist said...

am glad you are back!

we had quite the discussion about FIT. and i do believe FIT is a rather huge concept.

it is doesn't fit, we don't wear it. or we try to fit into it, as if we do. it is as it life is a wardrobe choice. a never ending one.

Sara said...

"Never ending"......that sounded to me like a kind of karma.
By the way, do you believe in karma?

anne artist said...

i was thinking more in terms of one lifetime. i would say i think in terms of some kind of karma. am not sure exactly what kind. and you?

anne artist said...

and i also think that we can live many lifetimes in one biological lifetime.